The End of Nonsense by Léandre Larouche (forthcoming)

The End of Nonsense (2021) is a book by Léandre Larouche that lays out a framework to think and talk about politics in a way that brings people together instead of dividing them.

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The Architecture of Grammar by Léandre Larouche (forthcoming

The Architecture of Grammar (2021) is a book by Léandre Larouche that teaches the fundamentals in a clear, engaging way for ambitious people to improve writing.

Writing with good grammar is necessary to elevate yourself in life and business. Yet most people find it difficult. Why is that? The answer is simple. Writing is often taught in a boring, obscure, and impractical way.

The Architecture of Grammar offers a fresh, new look at grammar while staying grounded in the original tenets of the craft. This book shows that grammar doesn’t have to be hard and boring. With clear examples and exercises that make you think about your life, The Architecture of Grammar helps you improve your writing easily. It asks you to aspire to new heights, dreaming about a penthouse view!

“The Architecture of Grammar is an expertly written masterclass on how to use grammar to write successfully.” —David Diehl, D.Ed.

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Write a Book That Matters by Léandre Larouche

Write a Book That Matters (2021) is a book by Léandre Larouche that walks readers through the thought process necessary to write a nonfiction book.

Write a Book That Matters is the ultimate guide to writing a nonfiction book that will impact the world the way you envision it. Whether it be to grow your business, make a contribution, or leave a legacy, this book walks you step-by-step through the process of writing a book people want to read until the end.

With his experience as a writer, translator, and instructor, Léandre Larouche brings a fresh approach to nonfiction writing. In this book, he not only offers concepts and frameworks he’s taught to private clients, but he also provides exercises that will give you the clarity you need to get started.

“Léandre’s book made me realize where my true self aligns. I shine more when others need my light.” —Bernadett Halaj

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