High-impact books that change lives and conversations. We make empires rise and fall.

Our Mission

Our mission to publish books that cause change at every level of the world—individuals, families, communities, societies, nations, civilizations, and our species. At Trivium Empire Press, we’re not afraid to take bold stances and tackle ideas others shy away from. In a world plagued by political correctness and cancel culture, we stand for an idea meritocracy. The best ideas will win and change the world. Our mission is to publish ideas to advance the world. It may entail publishing controversial ideas or ideas that turn out to be wrong, but we’re ready to pay that price to make a real difference.

Our History

Trivium Empire Press was founded in 2021 by Léandre Larouche. At first, Trivium Empire Press was a home for Léandre’s writing, but he then decided to open his doors to other authors. As an author and a writing entrepreneur, Léandre brings experience, experience, and a small but solid team to the publishing world.

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